The cheapest European cities for tourism

Who doesn’t like to save money while traveling? We all love it! Of course, we look at the main tourist destinations, such as Paris, New York or Barcelona, ​​which as you well know are not especially cheap cities.

If you do not care about the destination and are willing to see the world away from the top destinations, I recommend taking note of the European cities that I mention in this article, since they are the cheapest according to the Wanderu travel portal , which on the other hand places Amsterdam, London, Reykjavik, Dublin and Monaco among the most expensive on the old continent.

Skopje (Macedonia)

The capital of Macedonia has the privilege of being the cheapest city in Europe to travel. With just 700,000 inhabitants and with an architecture that combines the communist with the neoclassical, it allows you to spend a night in a good hotel spending only 53.77 euros on average , while going to eat at a restaurant usually costs just over 8 euros. It is also good news that the taxi costs only 0.41 euros per kilometer or that for each journey in public transport they charge you 0.57 euros, which has nothing to do with the more than 2 euros that can be charged in some cities Spanish. In addition, visiting a museum costs on average 2.31 euros and beer can cost around 1.62 euros.

Pristina (Kosovo)

Another city that we should visit sometime in our lives is Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. As you probably already know, we are talking about an independent country since 2008 that until now has not been seen much in the catalogs of tourism companies, but that little by little is showing its charms to the world with very competitive prices. The night can cost little more than 60 euros and go to eat about 7.50 euros . The kilometer by taxi costs half a euro and public transport costs 0.40 euros each way. As if that were not enough, coffee costs 1 euro and beer 1.50 euros. And not only that, but most museum tickets are free.

Podgorica (Montenegro)

This other capital of a small country like Montenegro, has more attractions than we can imagine. It is a small city (around 200,000 inhabitants) and has the peculiarity of being located between five rivers. The Second World War devastated it, but it is obvious that it has been rebuilt with avant-garde buildings that are mixed with green spaces. The hotel night costs around 57 euros and a restaurant menu costs around 12.50 euros. Coffee costs 1.34 euros and beer 1.5 euros, while admission to a museum usually costs 1.25 euros. A kilometer by taxi costs 0.45 euros and a journey by public transport 0.90 euros.

Yerevan (Armenia)

Still further away, at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, we find Yerevan, which is the capital of Armenia. It is a long-standing city in which more than a million people live who are used to paying only 0.18 euros for each trip by public transport, which is the same as it costs a kilometer by taxi. The hotel night costs 62 euros on average and a menu in a restaurant usually costs just under 11 euros. Coffee goes up to 1.68 euros, but for beer you only have to pay 1.08 euros. Those most interested in culture pay less than 2 euros to enter the Armenian National Gallery or the Museum of the History of Armenia .

Chisinau (Moldova)

It is true that Chisinau is not usually on our triplist . In fact, at the moment the capital of Moldova is the third least visited country in Europe if we pay attention to the data provided by the World Tourism Organization. Despite this, it is worth walking through its streets to soak up the Soviet style of its buildings. All this paying 63.39 euros for a hotel night and 10.33 euros for a restaurant menu. The journey by public transport costs only 10 cents and the taxi kilometer costs 0.15 euros. Beers are also cheap, for which they will only ask for 0.93 euros on average, while coffee costs 1.25 euros. Finally, visiting the National Museum of History of Moldova costs less than 0.50 euros, so it is a must.

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