The first Museum of Failure opens in Sweden

Do you like visiting curious museums? Well, you should be very attentive to what we are going to tell you today! And it is that next we are going to talk to you about the first Museum of Failure in the world, which has just opened its doors in Helsingborg , a city in the province of Skåne, in Sweden. As you might have guessed from the name, it showcases products and services that turned out to be a failure.

As explained on the museum’s website, "they provide a unique vision of the risky business of innovation ". Would you like to discover more details about this new Swedish center? Well, all you have to do is join us!

A collection of 70 items

The founder of this curious museum is the clinical psychologist Samuel West , who is very clear that "learning is the only way to turn failure into success." For this reason, he wanted to pay tribute to some of the most interesting fiascos in contemporary history, being able to find a collection of 70 products and services.


We have much more to learn from failure than from success

Although some of the objects in the collection should never have existed, the truth is that others served to improve the companies responsible for their creation. We tend to demonize failure, West explains, when we have much more to learn from it than we do from success.

The most curious objects

Among the most curious objects, we can find a kind of Monopoly launched by Donald Trump; pink and lilac pens for women from Bic; a bicycle made of 100% plastic; the Google Glass; or the Apple Newton , which paved the way for iPhones and iPads. Curiously, on the opening day of the museum, the cash register failed, so the tickets could not be printed. At least, this is reported by Radio Sweden.

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