The most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Niagara Falls
When it comes to traveling, each person has their tastes and preferences, people who want to visit only cities, others who prefer to rest on a beach … what does coincide with almost everyone is the fact of being able to enjoy some natural place that is spectacular. In the world there is a great variety of natural paradises , such as islands, forests, mountains, national parks, nature reserves or any formation that nature has decided to put in a specific place.

Personally, one of the natural places that I find the most beautiful anywhere in the world are the waterfalls , undoubtedly fascinating in any of their shapes or sizes. There are many scattered around the world, the most famous being Niagara Falls , which I told you about here recently, so today I will focus on others. These are the most beautiful :

Epupa Falls

They are in the north of Namibia , right on the border with Angola, and they form one of the most magical landscapes in the world. They are born thanks to the Kunene river and its fall, more than 30 meters high, and then there is a multiple fall between several rocks and a stream full of crocodiles.

Iguazu waterfalls

Iguazu Falls
They are in Brazil and Argentina and form one of the most spectacular natural spaces in the world. Wild nature with a spectacular waterfall and a unique landscape from both the Brazilian and Argentine sides. If you are going to visit those countries, it is essential that you go there.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls
It is one of the largest waterfalls in the world, and it also shares a border with two countries, in this case with Zimbabwe and Zambia . More than a kilometer of waterfall through the rocks, a landscape that you can also enjoy flying over it by helicopter.

La Fortuna Waterfalls

They are in Costa Rica, next to the Arenal Volcano Natural Park , and they are a waterfall that makes its way in the middle of a mountain. They are not the typical waterfalls with a lot of water, but rather a small stream, but they are very beautiful thanks to all the vegetation that surrounds them.

Augrabies falls

They are in the north of South Africa, in an unknown national park that is close to the Kalahari and that is not usually part of the main tourist routes. There are three waterfalls between spectacular rocks that leave a truly magical landscape.