The spectacular pink lagoon of Las Coloradas in Mexico

Laguna Rosa photo
Nature offers us surprising spectacles and in Vuela Viajes we have given you good proof of this, showing you places such as Moraine Lake in Canada, the Champagne Pool in New Zealand, the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines, the Highlands of Scotland … Today we want to show you another one of those natural places that takes your breath away. It is the Laguna Rosa, a pink lake that is located in Las Coloradas , a small fishing village located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

As you may have imagined, this Mexican corner surprises with the color of its waters, which are pink. The best of all is that despite its charm, the place has not been invaded by mass tourism, as it has happened in other natural places on our planet. Would you like to discover more details about the amazing Laguna Rosa de México? Well, you know what you have to do! Do not miss anything that we tell you below!

Ecotourism boom in the area

As we were saying, the Laguna Rosa that we show you today is located in Mexico. Specifically, it is located in Las Coloradas, a small fishing village located in the municipality of Río Lagartos, in the Yucatán Peninsula. With only 1,000 inhabitants, the town is mainly dedicated to fishing, although there are also many people who work in the salt industry. And although in its vicinity you will not find either resorts or luxury hotels, in recent years tourism has increased considerably. The good news is that it is mostly about sustainable tourism. Thus, there are more and more ecotourism proposals in the area. In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that in the town you can find a few restaurants specialized in seafood.

Laguna Rosa photo1

Why is the water in this lake pink

As you can imagine, the curious color of this lagoon has a scientific explanation. Apparently, it has to do with halobacteria , unicellular microorganisms that live in waters almost saturated with salt. Specifically, it comes from their membranes, purple with reddish tones.

Beyond the water

Do not think that the only thing that will amaze you about this place is the color of the water. And it is that in Las Coloradas you can also contemplate the flamingos , typical of the region. The best time to see them is in winter, when around 25 thousand pink flamingos arrive in Yucatán. In addition, these colorful birds share habitat with different protected species of turtles. Of course, it is also important to bear in mind that you can bathe in the lagoon, which can provide numerous benefits for your skin, since, as we have mentioned, the water is extremely salty. On the other hand, we want to comment that in the vicinity of Las Coloradas you can find virgin beaches, a varied fauna and flora (mainly seabirds and mangroves) and places as wonderful as Río Lagartos, an 80-kilometer long estuary declared a Natural Reserve of the Biosphere.

Pink Lagoon photo2

Other pink lakes

Throughout the planet we can find other pink lagoons. For example, in Senegal we can enjoy Lake Retba, which acquires its particular color due to its salinity and a type of algae. The same algae appears to be responsible for the pink color of Turkey’s Tuz Golu Lake. Nor can we forget Lake Hillier, located in Australia. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of this spectacular Mexican lagoon. Do not miss it!