The World’s Most Amazing New Year’s Eve Traditions

Looking forward to saying goodbye to this year and welcoming 2014? We also! In Spain, during the last night of the year, most of us follow the same tradition: we eat twelve grapes accompanying the twelve chimes that herald the arrival of the new year. The origin of this practice dates back to 1909, when there was a surplus of harvest and in the houses it was used to take them the last night of the year.

But have you ever wondered how they celebrate New Year’s Eve in the rest of the world? Today at Vuelva Viajes we are going to tell you about the most surprising traditions on the planet. Maybe after reading them, you will be encouraged to spend the last day of the year outside your home.

Lentils in Italy

"If you want them, you take them, if not, you leave them". Do you know what we mean? Effectively! We are talking about lentils, a symbol of wealth and a typical dish during New Year’s Eve in Italy.


To break dishes in Denmark

More surprising is the Danish custom of welcoming the new year: breaking the plates after New Year’s Eve dinner. In the old days, and still in some areas, china was slammed against the door of loved ones to show affection and good omens. Another custom is to jump from the top of a chair at twelve o’clock.

Kisses in America

They are more romantic in the United States, where they celebrate New Year’s Eve with a kiss right at midnight. In fact, Americans believe that not kissing just after midnight on the last night of the year ensures 365 days of loneliness.


Moles in the philippines

Finally, we are going to talk about the Philippine tradition, which consists of wearing polka dot clothing during the last night of the year. And it is that in the Philippines moles are associated with coins due to their circular shape. It does not matter what garment it is, but it is preferable to have a pocket, where you should put some coins that must be made to ring when the clock announces midnight.