Tips for flying comfortably

Flying is the fastest means of transport and, as I have heard many times, one of the safest there is. However, the very conditions of the plane’s cabin do not make it the most comfortable means of locomotion precisely.

Today we want to offer you some very useful tips to make your flights as comfortable and satisfactory as possible. And it is that, taking into account some aspects, and with little effort on our part, we can considerably improve the conditions of a flight. And if not, keep reading and you will see.

Things that improve a plane trip

Although we can improve our circumstances when traveling by plane and the conditions in which we fly, we must bear in mind that, in many cases, the comfort of a flight depends, above all, on the airline. We already spoke on one occasion in Vuela Viajes about which were the best international airlines.

But aside from this, here are some tips that can make your trip that much more enjoyable. To begin, and this is essential, you must request a seat reservation in advance, so that you can choose a good place. The emergency exit row is more comfortable as there is more space between the seats.

It is also important that you dress comfortably, with cotton garments , and that you wear flat, comfortable shoes. If the flight will last more than six hours, wearing easy on shoes and take off, so you can take them off from time to time. A pillow will come in handy for long trips. Before they used to lend them on the plane, but I don’t know if now, with low cost policies, there are pillows available for passengers. Get an inflatable, and the problem is over.

Entertainment is also important, especially on long flights. Bring something to read and your favorite music (once the plane has taken off you can turn on the MP3 and even the laptop). Take the trip with serenity and philosophy, and you will arrive in a better mood at your destination.