Tips for traveling to Cuba

Cuba is a fascinating country that has a lot to offer to everyone who visits it, especially in terms of natural landscapes since there is not as much building as in other countries. With spectacular tropical beaches , it is one of the best destinations you can visit even though it is not one of the most developed countries and its political regime is somewhat peculiar.

For all the above, you must take into account a series of things when traveling to Cuba so that your vacation is perfect and you do not have any inconvenience. Take note:

– A part of the Cuban population lives in considerable poverty , so in many places they will ask you for money or some object that you carry and that is very difficult to get there. You can take advantage of the trip to do charity, I have friends who have returned with empty suitcases since any shirt or pants are very necessary for some people.

– It is a country where sex tourism is the order of the day, mainly due to the poverty I was talking about before. It is very common not only in women but also in men.
– As for accommodation, it is best to hire a hotel from a hotel chain that is internationally known since they are the ones that can best ensure quality in all their services.

– You can pay in dollars or euros , both currencies are received in almost all places because they are currencies that are priced very well with respect to the Cuban currency.

Havana is one of the most advanced and beautiful cities, in addition to having many interesting things, such as its famous Malecón. This city is an essential visit if you go to Cuba since it is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America.

– When it comes to shopping, the most common people from there are cigars, considered the best in the world. Buy them in authorized establishments since in the streets they sell many imitations of good brands but that are of poor quality.

– The gastronomy of Cuba is very good, especially the seafood. If we had to highlight one of its delicacies it would be lobster as they say it is the best you can eat in the entire Caribbean. To drink, nothing like a mojito to beat the heat and savor the drink that is best made there.