Visit the famous Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most important places in the Vatican and in all of Italy, a treasure that has become one of the most important tourist attractions in the entire country. It was built between the years 1471 and 1484 and is so named since the Pope at that time was Sixtus IV, although at first it received the name of the Palatine Chapel. The architect Giovanni d’Dolci was the one who built it, although as soon as Michelangelo put a finger on it they forgot about Giovanni.

In addition, it is also famous because the conclave and various official ceremonies are celebrated there. It is rectangular in shape and measures 40 meters long by 13 wide, being almost 21 meters high. Miguel Ángel was in charge of decorating it, which has led it to be how important it is today and to be known mainly for that. Other artists such as Botticelli , Signorelli, Pinturicchio, Ghrilandaio and Perugino also participated in its decoration, but without a doubt Michelangelo’s footprint is the most important of all.

The frescoes that you can find, which are the various scenes represented with paintings , are worth spending some time on them to enjoy their beauty and spectacularity. They are on the sides of the Sistine Chapel and are:

1. The Circumcision, by Pinturicchio.
2. The Baptism of Christ, by Pinturicchio.
3. Botticelli’s Story of Moses.
4. The Temptation of Christ, by Botticelli.
5. The Red Sea Pass, by Rosselli.
6. The Call of the Apostles, by Ghirlandaio.
7. God Giving the Tablets of the Law to Moses, by Rosselli.
8. In Rosselli’s Sermon on the Mount.
9. Core, Dathan and Abiron, from Botticelli.
10. Christ Giving the Keys to Saint Peter, by Perugino.
11. La Cena, by Rosselli.

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is divided into several sections in which you can also see various scenes, such as the scenes of Genesis, the ancestors of Christ, the prophets or The Creation of Adam , which is the famous scene by Michelangelo.