What to do in case of illness or accident abroad

The normal thing is that we do not think that something can happen to us while we are traveling, but the truth is that even a small virus can sour our holidays if we are not prepared . Or is it that you don’t know how much money it costs to be cured abroad? And not only that, if you are away from home they may not understand you due to the language and everything seems too different.

Therefore, it is better to know what to do in case of illness or accident abroad so that we are not caught off guard.

Travel insurance and medical insurance

The best thing when traveling is to take out medical insurance, since if you suffer an injury or become ill, the ailment could be very expensive. Thus, you must make sure that your policy contains medical and health coverage in case of injury or sudden illness abroad , 24-hour emergency service and assistance, coverage in case of loss or theft of belongings, coverage for the cancellation of vacations and extra coverage for activities you want to do, such as skiing, paragliding or diving.

European sanitary card

If you travel through the European Union, it is essential that you have the European Health Card (TSE), which you can request at the Social Security office in your country. It’s free, but in the event of an accident or sudden illness, it gives you access to the state health system. Of course, keep in mind that each country has a different health system.


Go prepared

On the other hand, it is important that you investigate the destination to be prepared, informing yourself on the website of the Ministry of Health or Social Security. It is very important that if you have to take medication, you carry the necessary documents that prove it and verify that the medicine is legal in the destination country.

In case of emergency

In an emergency, your tour operator or hotel should direct you to the nearest hospital. Even if you are in Europe, you may have to pay first or provide a credit card. Make sure to save all receipts and medical documentation. If you are admitted to the hospital while abroad, you should contact the nearest embassy as soon as possible.