What to do on long trips

long trip
Sitting in your seat, you don’t stop wondering if you’ll ever make it to your destination . You can have a thousand things in mind that you could be doing if the journey you are taking was not so long. Surely those calls that you never make to old friends, the purchases that you will have to do when you get home, etc. Instead of getting bitter thinking about how much time you are wasting, what you have to do is carry out certain activities until you reach your destination.

– Take papers that you have to order but that do not weigh much. Organize them by dates.

– Use your mobile to send sms or make calls both work and private. Try to have an agenda next to it that allows you to write down the most important data of your telephone operations.

– A laptop is the perfect companion for longer trips. Confirm reservations, send important emails, etc. A laptop will also allow you to connect to the Internet and enjoy all the wonders that the network will provide you for free. With Internet access, you can do almost anything you need to do, except get to your destination earlier.

Hobbies . If you love to sew, why not take your utensils with you to use on the trip? You can also put into practice other of your skills such as writing or reading.

– Don’t forget to move . Sitting for hours can be a killer for anyone. Make sure to make sure to stretch your legs to get rid of the stiffness. In this way you will help your blood flow to work much better during the trip.