What to eat in Argentina

If you plan to travel to Argentina this summer, you should know what you can expect from the country gastronomically. And it is that enjoying the traditional cuisine of the place is one of the most important chapters of any trip.
In Argentina you will find very good places to eat, where you can try really exquisite dishes.

To the world fame of its meats , the national dish par excellence, you have to add the relevance acquired by Argentine pizzas, and the hegemony of sweets when it comes to dessert. Pleasures that, added to the beauty of the country, will make your trip a unique experience.

Meat, the star dish

Argentine gastronomy is very varied and special, and is full of contrasts and influences. The traveler realizes as soon as they arrive, and if they like to enjoy good food, they will be in the right place. To start tasting the flavors of the land, meat is the best option. Buenos Aires, for example, is full of what are called grills there, which are nothing more than restaurants specializing in grilled meats . They are usually served alone, without accompaniment, and their quality is so high that it is understood that they are world famous.

Pizzas are also one of the hallmarks of the country’s cuisine. They arrived with the Italian immigrants who settled in Argentina, and immediately the whole country adopted them as their own. Other typical Argentine dishes and recipes are, for example, Patagonian lamb or carbonada , a typical dish from the northeast of Argentina, forceful, with many ingredients, perfect for the days of (remember that now it is winter in the country).
In any case, approach Argentine gastronomy with an open mind and a palate ready to taste new flavors.