How do airlines attract your attention?

The airlines are back on everyone’s lips after a little over a complicated year due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 . The trips were completely paralyzed and that affected them a lot on an economic level, but fortunately we travel again to see the world and to reconnect with our loved ones. For this reason, the advertising machinery of the airlines has been put back into operation like never before, although not only advertising serves to attract potential customers. How do they convince us that they are the best option?

With promotional items

With such useful and simple items as personalized water bottles, you can earn the appreciation of those who decide to fly with you. The airlines are clear about it, especially when it comes to giving away objects that are responsible with the environment. Personalized water bottles are, and there are more examples worth considering in this regard. Therefore, we recommend you take a look at .

Conveying security

How could it be otherwise, safety is one of the most valued aspects by everyone when it comes to evaluating an airline. Therefore, all the efforts that they are capable of making in this direction will only reinforce the loyalty of those who associate the company name with the word "security". Of course, that your flights are considered as safe is not something that is achieved overnight. There is a lot of work behind, not only at the technical and certification level , but also at the advertising level. If you want to position yourself as one of the safest airlines on the market, you will surely take this into account when drawing up your marketing and communication strategy.

Going viral on social media

Today there is nothing like social networks to get the most out of advertising. Best of all, you can grab the attention of your potential customers without looking like you’re advertising something. All you have to do is hit the nail on the head when creating a viral video that plays on millions of mobile devices in a matter of hours. Without a doubt, a very profitable investment that not only serves to reach a large number of people, but also helps those people see your brand with good eyes.


With big discounts

Last but not least, we cannot stop talking about the promotional campaigns that are so popular for the simple fact of saving on airline tickets. They can be more or less aggressive campaigns, something that depends on the time of year in which we are, since airlines tend to offer more attractive prices when we are in months of the year when we do not travel as much . Be that as it may, discounts are always welcome and it is evident that they manage to capture the attention of anyone who had the slightest intention of traveling in the short or long term.