How to report Ryanair

A friend went on vacation a few days ago, and when she returned she indignantly told me about the various problems she had had with Ryanair . He wanted to find information on how to report this airline, so it seemed like a good idea to share it on Vuela Viajes, which surely with the many incidents and problems that Ryanair has, any of you could one day need to file a complaint.

Excessive charge for taking out the boarding pass, delays, lost luggage , forced landings due to lack of fuel … endless problems that appear every two to three in recent months, which makes many users want to present their complaints and reports. Ryanair is the least reliable low-cost company, and it is losing more and more passengers, although it is also true that there are many people who prefer to travel very cheaply, even with much less security.

How to file a complaint

On the company’s website they give you all the necessary information for each claim, since not all of them must be done with the same procedure or sent to the same site. It is also important to bear in mind that not all things that happen may have the right to claim , and on the web they specify them all. If the claim is because your luggage has been lost or any other that has to do with European regulations, you will leave it on the website. Save all purchase receipts, boarding passes and any other travel document, once the claim is accepted online they will ask for them.

Other claims

If the complaint or claim you want to make is not related to European regulations, you must send it by fax or by post. It is best to write in English since they will answer you before, although do not expect a response in a short time since they do not rush to answer these things. The fax for sending is +353 1 8121676, and the address is:

Customer Service Department
PO Box 11451, Swords
Co Dublin, Ireland


If, despite having contacted Ryanair on several occasions, you have not received a response or simply "get over you", it is best to contact the consumer associations so that they can manage your complaint and make you heard more easily. Contact FACUA or the OCU.