Huascarán National Park in Peru

The Huascarán National Park is in the Cordillera Blanca, in the central highlands of Peru , and extends for about 3,400 square kilometers that include the provinces of Asunción, Carhuaz, Huaraz, Huari, Huaylas, Marizcal Luzuriaga, Pomabamba, Recuay and Yungay. From north to south it has a length of 158 kilometers, while from east to west it is 34. It is a few kilometers from the Reserved Zone of the Cordillera del Huayhuash.

This wonderful national park was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985, as well as a Biosphere Reserve in 1977. All its content is highly protected, especially the flora and fauna, the geological formations and the archaeological remains. The beauty of the landscape is undeniable, with a natural environment that is not affected by the "outside" and that achieves a unique and very varied set of ecosystems.

In the Huascarán National Park there are almost 800 plant species among which the Puya predominates and also several queñual forests and many grasses. As for the fauna, there are many that are not inventoried but it is estimated that there are about 112 species of birds (Andean condor, torrent duck or puna partridge). There are also mammals such as the wild cat, Andean cat, spectacled bear or taruca.

One of the most interesting activities that you can carry out in this spectacular park is hiking , since you will not only enjoy a unique landscape but you will also be able to see all the flora and fauna in every corner. Since 2005 there is a record to keep an account of everyone who enters the park and that this can be done in an orderly and safe way for all species, especially in protected areas . Without a doubt, a wonderful place to spend a day if you are going to visit Peru.