Know the etotourism

Ethotourism is a new approach in the world of travel in which tourists focus on the knowledge of the functions of plants and animals in the ecosystem. It is a type of tourist trip called scientific. The person will even learn to apply tracking techniques to look for felines or will know certain behaviors of animals as different as monkeys or hummingbirds.

It is important to know why some species of animals and plants inhabit certain parts of the world. Each one has a function, that is why ethotourism focuses on teaching the person why. These types of excursions are already taking place in different parts of the world. It is done in groups and the programming of the days of this type of vacation is done through long walks .

Many believe that with this type of walk they will find animals that are never seen up close and things like that, but, in reality, ethotourism is based more on dedicating themselves to looking for their tracks, checking what certain animals eat and, most importantly , understand why they live in that certain area. To give you an idea, we could define this new type of tourism in a few words: visit, observe and perceive.

Not only will you understand why the animals and plants are in that place, but you will also learn how one should move through the jungle, through a wetland, through a reef, etc. In case you want to know more about ethotourism, Bioethos is the organization that promotes this new tourism in Colombia. The main difference with ecotourism is that in ecotourism the traveler goes with biologists and other professionals.