Moraine Lake, one of the most beautiful places in Canada

Moraine Lake
Thinking about the destination for your next vacation? How about Canada ? The truth is that few places will offer you as much as this North American country. And here you will not only be able to enjoy super interesting cities (you will discover more about them in our article "The most important cities in Canada"), but you will also have the possibility of knowing some of the most beautiful natural spaces on the planet. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! In addition, in many of these corners you can have fun practicing outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, rafting or fishing.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Canada is Moraine Lake , which is located in the province of Alberta. In fact, it is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Would you like to discover more details about this beautiful Canadian corner? Well, you better not miss anything that we tell you below!


Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed natural places in Canada and the truth is that it does not surprise us at all, since it is a tremendously beautiful place. It is part of Banff National Park, which is considered the oldest national park in the country. Specifically, the lake is located about 1,884 meters above sea level, in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, just 14 kilometers from the municipality of Lake Luis. As you can see for yourself in the images that we show you in our gallery, the lake is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment full of extensive coniferous forests. In addition, it is located in an area full of peaks, waterfalls, glaciers and caves.

Moraine Lake1

Lots of activities

As you may have imagined, this place that occupies an area of ​​half a square kilometer is fed by a glacier. Thus, it reaches its maximum level in June. It is precisely during that time of year when the place begins to receive the largest number of visitors , who can enjoy nature by doing different activities, such as kayaking or boating, or hiking. In fact, around the lake you can find different routes, although it is important to note that they are sometimes closed due to the risk of grizzly bear attacks. In addition, you can also go climbing. Of course, you should know that it is only possible to access the side from June to September, since the road is blocked by snow the rest of the year.

Moraine Lake2

A lovely blue

Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of this lake is its beautiful blue color which, on the other hand, is quite common in the lakes in the area, known as Icefields Parkway (translated in Spanish as “Carretera de los Campos de Hielo ”). This beautiful tonality arises from the refraction of light caused by rock dust deposited from the mountains. Although seeing it up close is a real wonder, the truth is that it is worth observing the lake from the high rocks. Specifically, we recommend a visit to the viewpoint known as Twenty Dollar View (the "Twenty Dollar View"), which is the one seen on the tickets that we will discuss below.

Moraine Lake3

Curiosities about Moraine Lake

Before leaving you with the photographs of Moraine Lake, we want you to know some curiosities of this beautiful Canadian corner. So, for example, you should know that in addition to being one of the main preview images of the Android system, it is also present in the Windows 7 backgrounds. As if that were not enough, it also appeared on the reverse of the Canadian 20 dollar bills. in 1969 and 1979. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find a lot of images of this beautiful lake located in Canada. Do not miss it!