Pilots’ dangerous secrets about air travel

pilots secrets
There are many of us who, when entering a plane, cannot help feeling a feeling of fear and anxiety. And it is that no matter how much they tell us that it is the safest means of transport in the world, we have in the image many cases of airplanes that, for one reason or another, have ended up crashing into the sea or against any land surface. However, despite the fear, most of us continue to use this means of transport to travel. In fact, to know according to which corners of the planet, we have no choice but to go up by plane.

Why are we telling you all this? Well, it is that while browsing the Internet we have discovered a study that those who are afraid of flying will not like very much, but that we still find it interesting to know. It has been published by Quora , a social network in which professionals from different sectors make secrets of their trades public, and talks about the conditions of lack of security that until now no pilot has dared to tell. Do you dare to know these secrets? Well join us!

Defective planes

As pilots have revealed on Quora, there is a possibility that we are traveling in a defective plane. And, although many of us believe that these devices are perfect and are revised to the millimeter, the reality is that, like any other vehicle, airplanes are not totally perfect machines, so it is logical that they suffer some technical problems. One of the most common is the power outage in the cabin without prior notice. However, these small bugs are not enough for an airline to decide to cancel a flight and, in many cases, they are solved during the trip.

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Forced landings

Surely you have ever read or seen some news about a forced landing. Well, according to aviation professionals on the social network, these types of landings are not always accidental . Pilots often have no choice but to make a hard landing to avoid skidding. These usually occur, especially when a lot of water is concentrated on the track.

Sleeping pilots

You may like the secret that we are now going to tell you even less than the previous ones. And, as he explains on Quora, it is normal for pilots to fall asleep during the flight. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! Apparently, a 2012 pilot union survey revealed that more than half of pilots do. It may be reassuring to know that aviation professionals themselves do not give much importance to this fact, since in these cases the controls are taken by the co-pilot. It appears that flights lasting between 30 minutes and 10 hours only take two pilots, but on longer flights there are additional pilots on the plane. Therefore, they can be rotated.

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This Quora study also provides data on the diet of the pilots. Thus, they say that during the flight the pilot and the copilot never eat the same food. The truth is that this is a piece of information that reassures us, since in this way they avoid that, if something is in bad condition, the two do not get intoxicated and, therefore, the plane cannot run out of control. Interestingly, pilots often bring their food from home, although they also tend to eat first-class menus.


Without a doubt, among the most scary things about flights are turbulence. According to the pilots, to avoid them, it is best to travel in the morning, since most electrical storms , which are the ones that create problems during the trip, occur at night. Therefore, if you want to prevent turbulence, you should travel early.

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Oxygen masks

Finally, we have to talk about oxygen masks, although you will not like the information that we are going to offer you very much. And, apparently, there is only oxygen in them for 15 minutes.

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