Visit the German Black Forest

If you like to travel, you will have already discovered a lot of incredible places in addition to the typical cities to which we all travel. Whenever I travel I like to be able to visit the most interesting places in the vicinity of my destination instead of focusing only on one place since it is not known if I will ever return to that place. Natural environments , as you know, I love them, so today I am going to recommend one more.

This place is in Germany and it is the Black Forest , a very rich natural environment thanks to its crystalline lakes, mountains, hills and lush forests. To get here you will have to get to the city of Baden-Baden since it is settled on the slopes of the Forest, which leaves it in a spectacular setting. You can get there by train or bus, and the whole area has very interesting places that are worth visiting.

There are several towns that belong to the so-called Black Forest, so it may be a good option to rent a car since this way you can move through them more comfortably. It is an area where you can also eat wonderfully, especially cold cuts and sausages (unique in any German corner). It is also a must to visit a "konditorei" , which is a cafeteria where they make delicious pastries .

Some of the towns that are in the Black Forest and that are worth visiting are Freudenstadt, Baiersbronn , Staufen, Gutach, Todtanu or Todtmoos, which are also very quiet and charming villages. To know the whole history of the Black Forest, it is highly recommended to visit the Open Air Museum in Gutach, and in Todtnau there is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area: the Hangloch-Wasserfall.

If you like natural routes, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Black Forest since of the more than 20,000 kilometers of routes that the country offers you, a large part is in this area. It is perfect for hiking since there are several specific routes with several trails so that you can discover the best landscapes of the place according to your level of experience. You can also do routes by kayak or in another boat, either for sport or for a walk. Some of its lakes are of glacial origin and are in spectacular surroundings, such as the Schluchsee and the Titisee.