The submerged forest of Villa Traful, in Argentine Patagonia

villa traful patagonia
To start the week strong, today we are going to tell you about one of the most surprising corners of the planet, and we assure you that we are not exaggerating. And it is that next we are going to show you a submerged forest in Argentina . Few cases of this type of natural phenomenon are known on the planet; That is why it is so surprising (in Vuela Viajes we already told you about the submerged forest of Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan).

Thus, today we move to Patagonia itself to discover the main attraction of Villa Traful , which for some years has been visited by many tourists, photographers, divers and researchers. Do you want to discover more details? Well then you can’t miss anything that we tell you below!


The magical corner that we show you today is located in the Argentine province of Neuquén. It is Villa Traful, a tourist village located in the department of Los Lagos , in Northern Patagonia. As we have mentioned before, its main attraction is the submerged forest that is very close to this town.

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The forest

As we were telling you, on the bed of Lake Traful, specifically 30 meters deep, a submerged forest recreates a spectacular landscape that seems to be taken from a fairy tale. Of course, this wonder has not been here forever, but it is quite recent. In 1960, an earthquake caused the slope of the Bayo hill to slide, which slid to the bottom of the lake. The curious thing is that many of the specimens are kept fully upright. Logically, these have lost their bark and leaves but, even so, they remain in perfect condition. Although cypress trees were the most numerous trees (some reached 50 meters in height), ñires, Antarctic beech, lengas, coihues or white oaks can also be found. In total, there are about 60 specimens that remain standing, of which some appear on the surface of the water.

When to visit the forest

Although the visit is worthwhile at any time of the day, it is preferable to do it during the morning, since it is at this time when its waters remain calmer. Although it is best to dive in, the trees can also be seen from the boat. In its waters, which are at a temperature of 16º, you can also contemplate some aquatic animals , such as perch, trout or salmon, although it is true that life in the lake is quite poor, since few species can be found, although very numerous. The good thing is that no experience is required to dive in this place. In fact, there are many agencies that organize excursions to the lake that include diving. As you can imagine, the sensation is incredible, since thanks to the transparency of the water, the effect is of being flying between the trees of a forest. Also, during the tour you can discover some interesting caves.

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Villa Traful

Beyond this spectacular submerged forest, Villa Traful is a place worth visiting. It is located in a privileged setting, on the mountainside, and offers magnificent views of Lake Traful from almost every point. The best thing about this place is that its environment has practically not been altered by the hand of man, and that it receives more and more visitors. Here you will not only enjoy the contemplation of the landscape, but you will be able to carry out multiple activities: fishing, trekking , horseback riding … Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of the submerged forest in Lake Traful. Do not miss it!