Tips for traveling to Sardinia

Preparing your trip to Sardinia ? You are lucky! It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world thanks to its beaches, which is why it is known as "The European Caribbean".

If you want to make the most of your vacations and want everything to go smoothly, I recommend you take into account the advice that I share in this article, since some things caught me by surprise and I would not like it to happen to you. same. Shall we start?

Driving is not a pleasure

Unless you are driving on the most important roads in Sardinia, which are the ones that cross the island from end to end, you will find that driving at night is quite uncomfortable for the simple fact that there are no street lamps that illuminate the road. That means that you will have to go very slowly and with your high beams on if no one is coming face to face, especially if you are moving along roads that border the coast due to the large number of curves that you are going to find.

Be careful with the cars that appear in the " give way " because they tend to stick out a lot and do not hesitate when it comes to getting up. On the other hand, don’t be surprised to see that on a two-lane two-way road an imaginary third lane is created that only the craziest of Sardinia use. This is something that is being lost on the island, or at least that is what the most veteran of the place will say. A 75-year-old man can overtake you with a Fiat Panda older than you perfectly.


North or South?

If I had to choose between the north and the south, I would go for the north. I believe that there are the best beaches, the most familiar, although it is true that in the south there are spectacular virgin beaches, which by the way is not easy to access. In the south is the capital, Cagliari, but the north has Alghero , which is probably the most beautiful city in Sardinia.

The best beach area

If what interests you is being surrounded by beautiful beaches, don’t think about it and choose Costa Esmeralda . It is in the Olbia area (northeast) and brings together a good handful of beaches that leave you with your mouth open. There are some that are of fine sand and waters that do not cover until you walk a good handful of meters, as is the case of La Cinta, and there are also some of rocks and with a spectacular landscape, as is the case of Li Cossi.

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Emerald coast

Book your accommodation well in advance

With plane tickets and with those of the ship you will not have as many problems as with the accommodation. The price of hotels and apartments skyrockets as the months go by, especially if you are looking for a room in an area as sought after as Costa Esmeralda. Therefore, I recommend you book four or five months in advance.


If you want to enjoy the typical gastronomy of Sardinia, do not limit yourself to eating pasta and pizza (you will be surprised how cheap pizzas are usually) without more. Taste its delicious goat cheeses, fabada from there or dishes as exquisite as culurgioni (they are like triangular-shaped ravioli filled with chard with cottage cheese or vegetables with cheese), malloreddus (like gnocchi, with tomato sauce, basil and sheep cheese). Don’t forget the grilled fish or desserts like amaretti (if you like almonds you have to ask for it) or pan’e saba (a flour and sugar bun with almonds that can be served with cream or chocolate). Prepare two euros per person to pay the famous copperto (covered).


Avoid the taxi as much as possible

If you are not traveling with your car and you have not rented a car, avoid traveling by taxi because it is quite expensive. The best option to move around the island, leaving aside the option of the car, is that of the buses. The prices are more than reasonable and you can get almost anywhere.

Luxury is savored in Porto Cervo

Finally, if you are going to travel to Sardinia with a full wallet, I recommend you visit the Porto Cervo area, located in the northeast of the island. It is there where you will see the largest and most luxurious yachts, where you will find shops of the best brands located in an idyllic setting. Beach clubs with floating restaurants and golf courses await you in the most exclusive area of ​​the island, where a pizza can easily cost around 30 euros.

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